The Pure Drop

Drawings of traditional Irish Musicians, Singers,  and Dancers.

The All Ireland Music Festivals 2010,2011,& 2012

Over a period of three years during the summer of 2010, 2011, and 2012 Carlotta Hester made over 150 drawings in County Cavan, Ireland, documenting the largest of all traditional Irish Music festivals, The All Ireland Music Festival.

​Hester's live action drawings of musicians, singers, and dancers were created in every festival setting including street sessions, theaters, dance classes, pub sessions, tutor's classes, outdoor classes, cross-border sessions, and more.

Musical artists from over 15 counties in Ireland (North and South), as well as Scotland, England, and the United States are depicted in these drawings.

​This exhibition is a tribute to the amazing artistry and remarkable spirit of traditional Irish music, and dance.  It is also a unique and engaging artist's document of the All Ireland Music Festival, Cheoil na héirann,

"​Dynamic and compelling….Hester's drawing depict the very motions of playing music."- The Washington Post

"​Hester reveals the very best about people around us that do great things every day." - The Irish Voice

"For Carlotta this clearly is something that has been a labor of love."  - H. E. Michael Collins, Ambassador to the United States